Week Six: Teaching with technology

In this lecture, we learned about flipped learning. This is where instead of sending students home from school with home-work that is based on what they learned that day, you instead ask students to prepare for a lesson by doing work before they learn about it in the formal sense. By doing this, they already have background knowledge on the content for the lesson and they can become engaged quicker. It is useful to use YouTube videos or websites for this flipped learning content as it is more engaging for students to use and they are more likely to do the work and be prepared for the lesson.

MOOC! Massively Open Online Courses. University courses that are only online and usually free. Though a small percentage of the people that begin the course actually finish, there is still quite a large amount of students that can do a course that would not have been able to do so otherwise.

We also had a video conference with Peter Lee who is a creator of Auralia. It is an ear training program that can be used in high school and universities. Content can be customised and tailored for the levels in curriculum that you want to use in the school. It is amazing and can be very helpful in teaching aural skills to senior students!


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