Waltzing Matilda

On the 2nd September I planned to use this video as a backing track to teach my prac Year one class the chorus of Waltzing Matilda. My plan was to first ‘sing’ them a picture book of Waltzing Matilda and explain the story to them. This went smoothly without a hitch. After we read the book I would teach them a dance to go along with the song. This dance highlighted the chorus as being the same each time while the verses were different. To play this video, I wanted to use the Interactive white-board. Unfortunately, my limited knowledge of the whiteboard meant that I didn’t set it up correctly, making the video un-usable and half the lesson needed to be changed to accomodate not having the music. I now understand why my lecturers at uni tell us to check and double-check that our technology is working. Pretty tough to decide what best to do when you have 20 small children waiting! Definitely learned my lesson!


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