Week 3, notation

This week’s lecture was really helpful in showing me some easier ways to use Sibelius. Though I have been using Sibelius for over 6 years, I had been going about it the hard way, by clicking with the mouse or even using the arrows on th keyboard for note-entry. How much easier is it to play the music in to the program by using a piano keyboard in realtime or even note by note! Mindblown!

In the past I have been print-screening my Sibelius score then cutting it down to size on Paint in order to take out an excerpt. Now I have found the beautiful technique of grabing the music right out of the score and exporting it in to a folder! How helpful would this have been for the HSC! This is something I wil definitely keep in mind when I become a teacher and can help students make their work neater and easier to achieve.


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